Diagram showing the new Oxford to London line

The Bicester to Oxford Collaboration

Working together to facilitate local economic growth and benefit commuters

NCT train laying track near Tubbs Lane

The collaboration between Network Rail and Chiltern Railways will manage an upgrade of the line between Oxford and Bicester, and connection of the railway to the Chiltern Main Line at Bicester with the construction of 1km of new railway.

The upgrade of the Oxford-to-Bicester line not only facilitates the new Chiltern Railways service between Oxford and London, but is also the first phase of works on the western section of the East West Rail scheme, which will reinstate the railway for passenger and freight services through to Milton Keynes and Bedford. Combining the two projects means a more efficient delivery and less disruption for rail users.


  • “The new Oxford to London line and wider East West Rail scheme will deliver significant economic, social and environmental benefits to Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and beyond.”
    Dyan Crowther, route managing director, Network Rail
  • "This is doubly good news. Not only are we seeing progress on the ground as construction work for East West Rail begins, we are also delighted that this major contract for the first phase of work has been awarded to a world-class Buckinghamshire-based company."
    Cllr Janet Blake (Buckinghamshire County Council), chair, Joint Delivery Board for the Western Section of East West Rail
  • “We are delighted to have been selected to deliver this important contract that in itself facilitates two strategically important rail links, one between Oxford and London and another as the first phase of the East West Rail Scheme. The Carillion Buckingham Joint Venture brings a wealth of experience and skills which are required to safely deliver this demanding project, embracing the highest standards of sustainability.”
    Mark Davies, managing director, Carillion Infrastructure
  • “Thanks to the hard work of Carillion and Buckingham Group Contracting, we have been able to employ a regional business to help deliver the scheme, further boosting the local economy and providing jobs to local people.”
    Dyan Crowther, route managing director, Network Rail
  • “Over the lifetime of the project we will create new jobs and once complete the project will deliver major improvements to the transport infrastructure across a wide area and deliver significant socio-economic benefits for Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.”
    Mike Kempley, managing director, Buckingham Group Contracting